Beto Adame was born in Mexico City.

 As a child he loved playing with different snapshot and Polaroid cameras that he discovered in his grandparents’ house. During that time, he went on many family trips to the countryside and other wonderful places, where his love grew for photographing the peaceful and the beautiful.

Before graduating in Industrial Design, he won several prizes in photo contests and also obtained his first photo assignment. This boosted his motivation to look for a job as a photographer. Right after finishing his bachelor's degree he started working in a young editorial group, where he had the opportunity to travel all over the world and to develop his own style.

After working as a photo editor, doing reportage and focusing mostly on travel and lifestyle for a couple of years, he achieved his first advertising campaigns. Currently, he is working for the most important agencies and magazines in Mexico.

Beto is a young and experienced Mexican photographer who has shot a wide variety of essays and articles for magazines. He is the father of two boys, and he greatly enjoys the outdoors. These days he promotes upcoming and established Artists, while contributing with some Art galleries. He is doing commercial work. In his free time he pursues his personal photo projects, which range from Interior Landscapes, constructed pictures including auto representations, to other series experimenting with unusual cameras.